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Keumboo An Ancient Korean Art, Modern Twist

Keumboo An Ancient Korean Art, Modern Twist

It’s said that the ancient Korean art of Keum-boo, translated as “attached gold,” was used to enhance silverware with what was believed to be the healing benefits of the precious metal. Ancient aristocrats would have been able to afford pure gold implements, but for the less well off, the health benefits of pure gold could be derived by plating other metals. Due to the similar molecular structure of pure gold and pure silver, the two metals can be permanently joined by applying heat and pressure.

This technique is growing in popularity in modern times for much the same reason as in ancient times, only more often it’s applied for personal adornment as opposed to physical healing. Though I would offer that the modern art of Keum-boo still offers health benefits, albeit more in the form of emotional wellbeing with the practice of treating one’s self to a precious gift.

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