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About Verum Sui Jewelry

I’m Melanie Considine, artist, maker, and sole owner of Verum Sui Jewelry.

I make art jewelry for people who view jewelry as a way to voice their authenticity and personal aesthetics. Wearing my jewelry will help you express your individuality and your appreciation of fine craftsmanship.

I love jewelry, and I’ve always thought of jewelry as wearable art. Most of the jewelry I’ve owned and worn throughout my life has been purchased from artisan jewelers; makers like me. For me, wearing unique handcrafted jewelry reflects my values and appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into making art jewelry, it allows me to express to the world that I value and support unique and beautiful handmade items. Since 2017, I’ve been making art jewelry for people who share these values.

Verum Sui, Latin for true self.

Verum Sui Jewelry. I chose this name for my business both because it embodies jewelry as a way to express one’s values and authenticity, and also because becoming an artisan jewelry maker is the story of my journey to connect with my own authenticity.

Until recently, I've told people that I’d been an artist for the last twenty or so years. But as I’ve reflected back on my life, I’ve realized that it’s more accurate to say that I’ve been an artist and maker my whole life, it’s only been the last 20 or so years that I’ve identified as an artist. You see, after spending the first twenty years of my adult life pursuing the career I thought I was supposed to, I made a bold change in my life. I left a successful career in financial planning and investments to chase my lifelong dream of becoming a professional photographer.

I grew up as one of five children of parents who lived through the Great Depression, World War II and the Korean War, during which, while  my dad was serving in the army, my parents met and were married in Germany. Both of my parents spent the first part of their lives in deep poverty. They worked hard to pull themselves up and to provide a better life for their children. For them, the idea of pursuing a career in the arts was frivolous and unrealistic. So my dream of studying photography in the late 1970s was set aside so that I could prepare myself for a more practical career.

This is not to say that my folks didn’t appreciate the arts, both were artistic in their own ways, and art, literature, and music were all very much part of our lives growing up. My mom was a maker, a seamstress and crafter. She made most of our clothes, and for as long as I can remember, we made things together. I still smile when I think back to the time my sisters and I were sorting through my mom’s possessions after her passing, finding all of the little things she collected for craft projects. My most cherished material inheritance from her was a few of her handmade creations. 

From Photography to Metalsmithing

Verum Sui Jewelry Artisan jewelry, Handmade studio

By way of web design, consulting, and a few other gigs along the way. No one said it would be easy, nor did I expect it would be when I made the decision to step off the corporate treadmill. I’m still a photographer, I always will be. It was my first love after all. But as photography has become more of a digital medium in recent years, I’ve found myself drawn more to making things with tangible materials and tools. In 2017, I decided to take an introductory metalsmithing class. During the first session, I was given a hammer and a sheet of roofing copper. I haven’t looked back.

Since that first class, I've been studying continuously, working with accomplished jewelers and educators. I've focused my work on fabrication, working in sterling silver, colored gemstones, and the attachment of 24k gold using the ancient Korean Keum-boo technique. My designs are characterized by texture, form, and patina to create dramatic and unique pieces. While my work is largely inspired by natural forms and patterns, my aesthetic is contemporary and abstract.

Melanie Considine artisan jewelry

As a photographer, I learned to simplify my images to focus the viewer's eye on my subject. I bring this same approach to my jewelry designs. My forms are simple and minimalist which I believe makes them bold and striking; statement making through their simplicity. 

Through the thousands of frames I've shot over my lifetime, in my mind's eye, there are shapes, textures, and patterns which I bring to my jewelry designs. I'm an avid gardener and plant collector, and I love surrounding myself in the natural world, so my work is greatly influenced by botanical shapes, landscape formations, and cosmic patterns.

Also, as with my photography, I bring a keen sense of detail to my metalwork. I love the contrast oxidation offers, and while a matte finish enhances the texture and contrast of oxidation and mixed metals, a brilliantly shined edge beautifully frames the finished piece. 

Meticulously Handcrafted in Vermont

When you purchase one of my pieces, you can rest assured that it has been designed and handmade by me in my Vermont studio using quality materials and responsible techniques. I reuse and recycle my excess materials, and I source my metals and gemstones from reputable, responsible suppliers. I also test fit each piece to be sure that it can be worn with comfort and the confidence that it will be a lasting addition to your collection.


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